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Across America Fluxx feat
Looney Labs is expanding the Fluxx card game lineup with Across America Fluxx.…
Fantasy Fluxx (Looney Labs)
Fantasy Fluxx transports gamers to a world filled with the memes and themes from well known flights of the fantastic.…
Playdek has announced a huge sale on many of their popular board game iOS apps this weekend. It is an easy way to try the games before you take the plunge and buy the board game, or lets you get your board game fix anywhere!Playdek, an award-winning mobile video game publisher today announces a …
Looney Labs has partnered with Playdek to bring the ever popular card game Fluxx to iOS devices. The release date is December 13th and you'll now be able to engage your friends in the always changing world of Fluxx for a scant $2.99!From Playdek:Playdek, award-winning mobile video game publi…
Soon you'll be able to enjoy the chaotic game of Fluxx right on your phone.Playdek, a leading mobile video game publisher, announced its new partnership with Looney Labs and their first title together: FluxxLooney Labs’ goal is to create fun, which they have achieved with the popular game, F…
There's just a few days left to get in on the Kickstarter for Are You a Werewolf from Looney Labs. Why do we need another version of "Are You a Werewolf?" you might ask? This new version comes with small viewers, so that you can look and see if you are a werewolf or not with little chance of acciden…
Someone better get ready to catch Elliott because he may swoon as Looney Labs has announced Cthulhu Fluxx, which will arrive this August. The official word so far is fairly slim although the inside dope is the game will play a bit more like a classic H.P. Lovecraft story as opposed to the usual luna…
Yes Fluxx is back with all the fun of Wizards, Witches, and Munchkins.…
A new Fluxx is coming from Looney Labs that will challenge your imagination: Oz Fluxx. The game of ever-changing rules transports you, your friends, and your little dog Toto too, into Frank L. Baum’s magical world.From Looney Labs:Does life seem drab and humdrum? Let the cyclone of Fluxx, th…
Star Fluxx Looney Labs
Elliott tackles the latest in the Fluxx line of games, Star Fluxx, from Looney Labs.…
Looney Labs has two new releases coming out September 30th, and you can preorder them now.…

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