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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Matt Leacock

Mole Rats in Space Components (Peaceable Kingdom)
Aimed for gamers ages seven and up, Mole Rats in Space allows two to four players to cooperate together to aid a group of mole rats in escaping a snake infested space station.…
Thunderbirds Cooperative Board Game (Modiphius Entertainment)
The hotly anticipated Thunderbirds board game has finally arrived from Modiphius Entertainment.…
Thunderbirds Game
Game designer Matt Leacock is tackling the 1960s British cult TV favorite "Supermarionation" series Thunderbirds as his next game design. The details are sketchy at best but the game will be a co-operative effort and no doubt the players (I'll guess two to six?) will each take on the role of one of …
Pandemic: The Cure
Z-Man Games is taking advantage of the immense popularity of Pandemic by releasing a dice game, Pandemic: The Cure, based on the board game and designed by Matt Leacock. A look at the prototype components leads one to believe the game will be playable by up to seven players and attendees of the BGG …
pandemic vials
February will be bringing us an all new and improved version of Pandemic, designed by Matt Leacock and to be released by Z-Man Games. Some of you might remember not so long ago you could buy medical vials filled with colored liquid in the same colors as the diseases in the game to add to your horror…
Forbidden Desert
As a follow up design to the 2010 hit Forbidden Island, game designer Matt Leacock is releasing Forbidden Desert through Gamewright. In the game, two to five players will take on the roles of stranded adventurers looking to retrieve a buried flying machine before they succumb to the unforgiving dese…
Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age (Eagle/Gryphon Games)
Elliott shares his thoughts on the dice rolling, civ building game Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age, from Eagle/Gryphon Games.…
Forbidden Island Feat
Jeff shares his thoughts on the latest family game, Forbidden Island, from Gamewright…

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