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Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes Kickstarter

Michael Coe

Jeff chats with Michael Coe, of Gamelyn Games, about all things Tiny Epic including Tiny Epic Dungeons, Tiny Epic Pirates, the new Tiny Epic Pirates, and more.…
Dungeon Heroes Contents (Gamelyn Games)
Gamelyn Games founder Michael Coe is releasing a remastered edition of one of his first game designs, Dungeon Heroes.…
Michael Coe meets with Jeff at Origins Game Fair 2019 to talk about plenty of Gamelyn Games goodness.…
Jeff chats with Michael Coe, from Gamelyn Games, at Gen Con 2018. The Duo talk about the Tiny Epic line of games including Tiny Epic Zombies and Tiny Epic Mechs.…
Gamelyn Games Co-Founder Michael Coe joins Jeff to talk about the series of hits which keep coming from the company including Heroes of Land, Air & Sea as well as the Tiny Epic series of games.…
Michael Coe and Patrick Nickell, join me to discuss all things Crash Games including the successfully Kickstarted Rise!, as well as upcoming titles Legend of the Lost Dutchman and Lords, Ladies, and Lizards. Crash Games is located right here in the Phoenix valley so swing by their website and see wh…

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