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Classic Dungeons & Dragons at Dungeon Masters Guild
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22 Stellar Science Fiction TTRPGs Deserving Your Attention
Jeff shares 22 science fiction TTRPGs deserving your attention (and none of them have anything to do with Dungeons & Dragons).…
Ten Years of Adventure Feat
Ten Years of Adventure features tales drawn from Numenera, the Cypher System, and The Strange from Monte Cook Games' first decade in operation.…
The Gaming Gang Dispatch 711
Jeff unboxes and takes a peek at Vivid Memories from Floodgate Games. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news.…
Numenera Discovery (Monte Cook Games)
Currently you can score big savings on the Numenera roleplaying game, from Monte Cook Games, through Bundle of Holding.…
TGGD 693 Feat
Jeff pages through Fallout The Roleplaying Game from Modiphius Entertainment. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news…
Numenera Edge of the Sun
Numenera: Edge of the Sun takes the player characters to the glorious marvel built by the ancients, The Engine of the Gods.…
Numenera: Voices of the Datasphere (Monte Cook Games)
Voices of the Datasphere allows Numenera adventurers to explore a virtual landscape filled with knowledge, wonders, and incredible danger.…
Numenera Bestiary 2 (Monte Cook Games)
Fans of the Ninth World will be pleased to know they can expect more monsters to be heading their way this May, from Monte Cook Games.…
Reaper Numenera 6-16-2014
Monte Cook's Numenera is red hot and this month you'll have the opportunity to get your hands on the first miniature releases from our friends at Reaper. Plenty of cool figures and I think the Flesh and Steel mini looks especially interesting!…
Love and Sex in the Ninth World
Hot on the heels of Valentine's Day comes the latest supplement for Monte Cook's Numenera. Shanna Germain's Love and Sex in the Ninth World provides tips on introducing sensitive matters into your role playing sessions as well as courtship rites, romance, and more. The supplement is intended for mat…
Our friends at DriveThruRPG have launched their annual New Year, New Game Sale and you'll be able to save 50% on over 80 great titles to bring to your gaming table. Get cracking folks because these savings only hit once a year!From DriveThruRPG:Every January we like to kick off the year with…
Monte Cook has boiled down what he believes to be the essentials of a roleplaying game and incorporated them into Numenera. I can’t say his direction would be the same as my own but there’s a ton of goodness to be found within the four hundred plus pages of the tome and regardless if you were to run…
On a very special holiday edition of TGG (although not nearly as very special as an episode of Blossom...), my good pal game designer John Welch stops by to discuss his latest title Cruel Necessity and other games he has in the works. I also review Cheaty Mages from AEG, Moonbase Alpha from Victory …
One of the most hotly anticipated roleplaying game releases has finally arrived, at least in PDF format, and I'm certainly looking forward to checking out Monte Cook's Numenera. All indications this fantasy game set in a distant future will be a huge hit from Monte Cook Games! You can get you hands …
Yes, Alderac Entertainment Group and Monte Cook Games are both stoked to be working together to create the Numenera Thunderstone fantasy deck-building game. Well-known game designer Monte Cook’s newly announced science fantasy game, Numenera, is a perfect fit with the exciting, evolving mechanics of…

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