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Classic Dungeons & Dragons at Dungeon Masters Guild
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SoulMuppet Publishing

Jeffs Favorite TTRPGs of 2022
Jeff sits down to share his absolute favorite tabletop roleplaying games he reviewed in 2022…
Best Left Buried Deeper Review
Jeff shares his review of Best Left Buried Deeper from SulMuppet Publishing.…
The Gaming Gang Dispatch 817
Jeff dives in for a first look at the hardcover of Best Left Buried: Deeper from SoulMuppet Publishing.…
Into the Bronze (Lantern's Faun Press/SoulMuppet Publishing)
A new print edition of the swords and sandals roleplaying game Into the Bronze, from Lantern's Faun Press and SoulMuppet Publishing, has arrived.…
The Gaming Gang Dispatch 791
Jeff shares a first look at the new edition of Barbarossa: Army Group Center, 1941 from GMT Games. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news.…
Karanduun (Soul Muppet Publishing)
The highly unique modern epic Filipino themed RPG Karanduun, from Soul Muppet Publishing, is available in print from Exalted Funeral.…
The Gaming Gang Dispatch 790
Jeff takes a first look the new Starfinder: Drift Crisis supplement from Paizo Inc. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news of the day.…
Best Left Buried Deeper Splash
The corebooks for the fantasy/horror roleplaying game Best Left Buried are now collected in a hardcover edition from SoulMuppet Publishing and Exalted Funeral.…
TGGD 772
Jeff shares a look at the Gold Edition of Pathfinder Absalom: City of Lost Omens from Paizo Inc and Beadle & Grimm's. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news.…
Orbital Blues (SoulMuppet Publishing)
In Orbital Blues, players take on the role of interstellar outlaws, looking to keep their troubles at bay in a rough and tumble frontier galaxy.…
ENnies Splash
The 2021 ENnie Awards were given out last night at Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana.…
Orbital Blues (SoulMuppet Publishing)
SoulMuppet Publishing has launched a crowdfunding project for a new SF space-western themed roleplaying game, Orbital Blues.…
TGGD 648
Jeff unboxes and takes a first look at the two player wargame Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles from GMT Games.…
Esoteric Enterprises (Dying Stylishly Games/SoulMuppet Publishing)
Esoteric Enterprises mixes and mashes urban fantasy and underworld dirty dealings to create darkly modern adventures, which can take place on either side of the law.…
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