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With the uproar surrounding the new Open Game License 1.1 as well as Wizards of the Coast’s newfound focus on the absolute monetization of Dungeons & Dragons, I share 29 fantasy roleplaying games you might consider checking out if you want to leave D&D and WotC behind.

5:14 13th Age from Pelgrane Press
7:17 Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game from Magpie Games
8:50 Blades in the Dark from Evil Hat Productions
10:08 Bugbears and Borderlands from Izegrim Creations
11:36 Dungeon World from Sage Kobold Productions
14:03 Jackals from Osprey Games
16:17 Rolemaster from ICE
20:29 The Witcher from R. Talsorian Games
22:00 Adventurer, Conqueror, King System from Autarch
24:24 Basic Fantasy from Chris Gonnerman
26:50 Best Left Buried from SoulMuppetPublishing
28:58 Castles & Crusades from Troll Lord Games
32:04 Castle Falkenstein from R. Talsorian Games
34:59 Dungeon Crawl Classics from Goodman Games
36:19 Forbidden Lands from Free League Publishing
39:43 Hyperborea from North Wind Adventures
42:27 Index Card Roleplaying Game from Runehammer and Modiphius Entertainment
44:42 Old School Essentials from Necrotic Gnome
47:20 OSRIC from Matthew Finch and Stuart Marshall
50:00 Pathfinder 2E from Paizo Inc
52:53 Pendragon from Chaosium Inc
56:03 Runequest from Chaosium Inc
58:12 Symbaroum from Free League Publishing
1:00:03 The One Ring 2E from Free League Publishing
1:01:23 Tunnels & Trolls from Flying Buffalo Games
1:05:02 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4E from Cubicle 7 Entertainment
1:07:40 Warhammer Fantasy Age of Sigmar: Soulbound from Cubicle 7 Entertainment
1:10:35 White Box from Seattle Hill Games

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