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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Through the Breach

Through the Breach Core Rules (Wyrd Games)
A new Bundle of Holding has arrived featuring a slew of roleplaying adventuring with Through the Breach from Wyrd Games.…
Jeff shares his thoughts about the preview copies he received of Thrones of Valeria and Dice Kingdoms of Valeria - now on Kickstarter - from Daily Magic Games.…
Through the Breach: The Badlands Invitational (Wyrd Games)
In The Badlands Invitational, the player characters are involved in an annual road race across a barren landscape but this year's event will be far more dangerous than those in the past.…
Through the Breach 2nd Edition (Wyrd Games)
Wyrd Games is readying the release of the second edition of the roleplaying game Through the Breach for this July.…
It goes without saying the Wyrd Miniatures Malifaux system is one of the most popular weird/fantasy skirmish level systems on the market today and now that game world is making its first appearance as a role playing game. Through the Breach is currently rocking out the funding on Kickstarter and loo…

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