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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Wicked Ones

Wicked Ones (Bandit Camp)
Robert tackles the villainous roleplaying game Wicked Ones from Bandit Camp.…
Wicked Ones: War for the Overworld (Bandit Camp)
Bandit Camp have released a new roleplaying supplement for Wicked Ones. War for the Overworld is actually based on the video game of the same name.…
Wicked Ones (Bandit Camp)
In Wicked Ones, players take on the roles of monsters who are building their own dungeon, raiding settlements, and plotting nefarious plans.…
Wicked Ones (Bandit Camp)
In the Wicked Ones RPG, players take roles of monsters and other baddies as they build their dungeon and do battle with the hated do-gooder adventurers.…
TGGD 594 Feat
Jeff shares the latest gaming news from Flatland Games, Moonshot Junior, Pegasus Spiele, Epic Games, Bandit Camp, and more!…

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