The Networks tasks up to five players to compete in creating the highest rated and most profitable television shows. The Formal Ferret Games project is fully funded and runs through September 30th.
Invaders from Dimension X (Tiny Battle Publishing)

In Invaders from Dimension X, the Galactic Marines do battle with mysterious aliens bent on the enslavement of the human colonists of Brea 7.
Dungeons & Dragons: Out of the Abyss

Wizards of the Coast has the newest Dungeon & Dragons adventure campaign beginning this month with the Rage of Demons.

Here’s a peek at the latest miniature goodies coming from Reaper, which will arrive at your FLGS September 14th.

Our friends at Cubicle 7 have been hard at work with the newest edition of the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game featuring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.
Hasbro Gaming Challenge

If you’re a fledgling party game designer you might want to take note of the announcement Hasbro made today about the Next Great Game Challenge, in conjunction with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.




Ahead of this weekend's premiere, AMC Television has shared the first three minutes of the highly anticipated Fear the Walking Dead.


Jeff takes Heavy Steam outside the box to see exactly what you'll find in the Greenbrier Games steampunk game. Two to four players do battle with massive steam titans in an alternate Victorian era.

I look at the new Mark Herman design Churchill, from GMT Games. For one to three players, Churchill is a cooperative game where the major Allies of WWII look to not only defeat the Axis forces but also position their nation for the best post-war footing.

I take a look at the big Gen Con release from Cubicle 7 Entertainment: the Lone Wolf Adventure Game. The game is based on Joe Dever's long running and best selling series of "choose your own adventure" style books...

The big Hasbro release at Gen Con this year was Magic: The Gathering - Arena of the Planeswalkers. I break down exactly what you'll find in the box if you pick up the game, which is set for a wide scale release later this month.