‘Archmage Origins’ Passes 50% Funding in First Kickstarter Hours

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Archmage Origins (SolarFlare Games)Our friends at SolarFlare Games are at it again with a new title which hit this morning on Kickstarter. Archmage Origins is a fast playing (ten to twenty minute) card game for two to four players. Each player will aim to control the most powerful force of monsters and be declared the newest Archmage. The project passed the halfway point of funding in its first few hours and you can reserve a copy of the game at the $9.00 pledge level through May 31st.

From SolarFlare:

In the time before the Dawn, the mages of Sorcado were locked in a constant struggle for power. They would gather and battle for the control of monsters, building a force they could use to destroy their rivals. The mage with the greatest monstrous fighting force would become the leader…but that was then.

The Dawn is coming. The Archmage will rise.

Players take turns manipulating the field of monsters and focusing their mystical power to “enlist” monsters to form the strongest force possible. 

The goal is to control the strongest force of monsters from the Realm, which is made up of cards indicating the monster that occupies that space and its power level. 

Players take turns peeking at the cards to determine where the most powerful monsters are hiding, deviously moving the monsters around, and strategically placing their Mage Cards around the borders of the Realm. Once all the Mage Cards are in place, players compare the power value of the magical energies that intersects at each monster. The player with the higher total mystical power value gains control of that monster (usually). The player who collects the most powerful force of monsters wins.  

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