‘Satanic Panic’ RPG Passes 150% Funding on Kickstarter

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Satanic Panic (Third Act Publishing)An interesting looking roleplaying game of 1970’s-80’s horror, from Third Act Publishing, is currently up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Satanic Panic places the players in the roles of government agents tasked with stopping a spreading evil known as tabletop. Personally, I find naming the growing corruption “tabletop” a bit odd but, obviously, it’s a stand in for Dungeons & Dragons and the overblown hysteria surrounding satanist claims against RPGs during the era. Satanic Panic has already passed  150% funding and you can reserve a copy of the 200 page core book (as well as all unlocked stretch goals) in PDF or hardcover at the $25.00 and $55.00 pledge levels respectively.

The Satanic Panic Kickstarter runs through March 30th. The PDF should be available in December of this year with the hardcover expected in December, 2018.

From Third Act:

People whisper in hushed tones about a corruption taking hold in the world. A secret wildfire spreading from basement to basement called tabletop. Some say it is evil, some say it is turning their kids into monsters, and some say it is summoning demons.

…and every whisper rings true.

Tabletop is bringing evil into the world and turning people into monsters and you are one of the few that stand against this evil. You can stop tabletop.

Satanic Panic is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the fictional 1970’s and 1980’s where players take on the role of secret government agents tasked with combating the evils of tabletop. The players work as a team with the common purpose to contain, control, and eliminate the threats to our world. They must do all this while keeping the truth from the public, lest a panic ensue.

The game will be a 200-page hardcover book with everything needed for a GM and 2-6 players. It is designed so that the game can be played as a traditional RPG campaign or can be played in an episodic fashion with different numbers and arrangements of players. Satanic Panic brings modern game design principles to traditional tabletop game play. It gives the players all the power they need to fight against the forces of evil while making their every decision have long term consequences.

Join us in the fight against evil, join us in the fight against tabletop.

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