Summer Lightning Released

DM's Guild at DriveThruRPG

Lock ‘n Load Publishing has announced that their latest title, Summer Lightning, is now shipping.

From Mark H. Walker:

The Germans are coming.

Despite the lack of an exclamation point, we are jubilant. Brian Train’s operational simulation of the German invasion of Poland in 1939 is flying (or at least being carried away in a mail truck) out/from our door. The game uses a unique non-random grid matrix, coupled with a semi-random determination of casualties, to resolve combat. Couple this with simple, yet restrictive supply rules, straightforward weather determination, and other bits and pieces of chrome, and you have a fun, yet rich, simulation. And beauty? We think you’ll like Marc von Martial’s work. The counters are colorful, yet simple, the map lush, yet unobtrusive.

Summer Lightning is available now!