Unboxing Pax Baltica: Great Northern War 1700-1721 from GMT (TGG Video)

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This is a title I was looking forward to checking out and I take a look at the new edition of Pax Baltica from GMT Games. Originally released back in 2009 from Swedish company Three Crowns Game Productions this new edition gets the famous GMT treatment applied to the well received two player fog of war block game. It’s possible Pax Baltica may very well be the only wargame which simulates the entire twenty one year period of the Great Northern War.

From GMT:

Three Kings conspire to once and for all break the Swedish dominance in the Baltic. Charles the XII of Sweden decides to attack and soon the Alliance against him begins to crack. A 21 year long bitter war has just begun which eventually ends an empire and sees another one rising…

As leader of one of the great nations involved – Take command and lead your empire to victory!