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Spelljammer at Dungeon Masters Guild

Comic Books

For those fans of The Walking Dead TV series on AMC, who aren't readers of the Robert Kirkman comic, you may have found yourselves wondering who is the mysterious Andrea saving, katana wielding, zombie leashing character that appeared toward the end of the season two finale. That, my friends, is one…
X-Treme X-Men
Marvel Comics released a bare bones teaser Wednesday which implied the return of the X-Treme X-Men in July. For more concrete details fans will obviously have to wait for Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort’s “Talk to the Hat” panel tomorrow, at WonderCon, to get the scoop   Marvel created X-Treme X-M…
Special effects wunderkind, Tim Miller, has been signed by Legendary Pictures to direct an adaptation of the Avatar Press series Gravel. Gravel, created by legendary comic writer Warren Ellis, was optioned back in 2009 and is the story of Mike Gravel, a British S.A.S. soldier who is a member of an e…
Marvel Comics Announced that beginning in June, their $3.99 comics will have codes to give you free access to the same comics in the digital format.…
According to Diamond Comic Distributors, Marvel led with 39% of comics sold in February. What I find interesting is that DC Comics had all of the top ten comics sold for the month. DC’s top comic at #1 for the month was Justice League #6…
A second new teaser image released from Marvel in regards to their upcoming Spider-Men miniseries may indicate the comic giant is ready to crossover an Ultimate Universe character with a regular Universe character. The details at this point are unknown but since Ultimate Spider-Man creative team, wr…
I was wondering why I hadn't heard more about the Margaret Weis Productions all new Marvel Heroic RPG since I believed it was on its way to your local FLGS. Obviously, I haven't heard any more about the system because it is currently delayed until the middle of this month.From Margaret Weis Prod…

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