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Marvel Comics for August 12th, 2020

Empyre continues for Marvel next week as Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider wraps and new issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Star Wars: Darth Vader, and Venom hit shop shelves.


Amazing Spider-Man #46 (Cover A Josemaria Casanovas), $3.99
Amazing Spider-Man #46 (Cover B Mark Bagley), AR
Captain Marvel #19 (Cover A Jorge Molina), $3.99
Captain Marvel #19 (Cover B Ariel Olivetti Empyre Variant), AR
Captain Marvel The Many Lives Of Carol Danvers TP, $29.99
Empyre #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Jim Cheung), $4.99
Empyre #5 (Of 6)(Cover B Alexander Lozano Avengers Variant), AR
Empyre #5 (Of 6)(Cover C Michael Cho Fantastic Four Variant), AR
Empyre #5 (Of 6)(Cover D Tony S. Daniel Kree Skrull Variant), AR
Empyre #5 (Of 6)(Cover E John Tyler Christopher 2-Pack Action Figure Variant), AR
Empyre #5 (Of 6)(Cover F Ryan Brown), AR
Empyre #5 (Of 6)(Cover G TBD Secret Variant), AR
Empyre Avengers #2 (Of 3)(Cover A Paul Renaud), $3.99
Empyre Avengers #2 (Of 3)(Cover B Dan Mora), AR
Empyre Captain America #2 (Of 3)(Cover A Mike Henderson), $3.99
Empyre Captain America #2 (Of 3)(Cover B Luke Ross), AR
Empyre X-Men #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Eduard Petrovich), $4.99
Empyre X-Men #3 (Of 4)(Cover B Marcus To), AR
Ghost-Spider #9, $3.99
Hawkeye Freefall #5, $3.99
Hellstrom Evil Origins TP, $24.99
Heroes Reborn Captain America TP (New Printing), $44.99
Immortal Hulk #36 (Cover A Alex Ross), $3.99
Marauders #11 (Cover A Russell Dauterman), $3.99
Marauders #11 (Cover B Javier Rodriguez Days Of Future Past Variant), AR
Marvel Masterworks The Fantastic Four Volume 22 HC (Book Market Edition), $75.00
Marvel Masterworks The Fantastic Four Volume 22 HC (Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 292), $75.00
Revenge Of The Cosmic Ghost Rider #5 (Of 5)(Cover A Scott Hepburn), $3.99
Revenge Of The Cosmic Ghost Rider #5 (Of 5)(Cover B Logan Lubera), AR
Revenge Of The Cosmic Ghost Rider #5 (Of 5)(Cover C Lee Garbett), AR
Scream Volume 1 Curse Of Carnage TP, $17.99
Spider-Gwen Amazing Powers TP, $12.99
Spider-Ham Aporkalypse Now TP, $15.99
Star Wars Darth Vader #4 (Cover A In-Hyuk Lee), $3.99
Star Wars Darth Vader #4 (Cover B Chris Sprouse Empire Strikes Back Variant), AR
Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord Of The Sith Volume 2 HC, $34.99
Star Wars The Action Figure Variant Covers #1 (Cover A John Tyler Christopher), $9.99
Star Wars The Action Figure Variant Covers #1 (Cover B John Tyler Christopher), AR
Strange Academy #2 (TBD 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality TP, $15.99
Venom #27 (Cover A Ryan Stegman), $3.99
Venom #27 (Cover B Ryan Stegman), AR
Venom #27 (Cover C Ryan Stegman Sketch Variant), AR
X-Force #11, $3.99

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Captain Marvel #19 (Marvel)

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