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Zenescope Entertainment Comics for January 12th, 2022

A Zenescope two'fer this week

This week sees the first issue of Robyn Hood Sweet Home from Zenescope as the Grimm Spotlight Hellchild one-shot also lands in comic shops.


Belle Kill Zone #1 (Cover D John Royle Robyn Hood Variant), $15.00
Belle Kill Zone #1 (Cover E Paul Green Gretel Variant), $20.00
Belle Kill Zone #1 (Cover F Paul Green Gretel Lingerie Variant), $40.00
Belle Kill Zone #1 (Cover G Paul Green Gretel Sexy Or Z-Rated Variant), $75.00
Grimm Spotlight Hellchild #1 (One Shot)(Cover A Igor Vitorino), $5.99
Grimm Spotlight Hellchild #1 (One Shot)(Cover B Harvey Tolibas), $5.99
Grimm Spotlight Hellchild #1 (One Shot)(Cover C Ivan Tao), $5.99
Robyn Hood Home Sweet Home #1 (Cover A Sean Chen), $5.99
Robyn Hood Home Sweet Home #1 (Cover B Igor Vitorino), $5.99
Robyn Hood Home Sweet Home #1 (Cover C Tristan Thompson), $5.99

Listing courtesy of blog.gocollect.com.

Grimm Spotlight Hellchild One-Shot (Zenescope Entertainment)

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