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Benefits of Playing Rummy Online than Playing Offline

Rummy is a popular card game traditionally played in India as well as in other parts of the world with variations like Gin Rummy, Canasta, 13 Cards Rummy and Jolly. Although, most of us are aware of 13 Cards Rummy and Gin Rummy, there is still a concern over the legalization of the game and therefore playing the game. The game is completely legal to play in India due to the skill factor involved in it unlike other card games like Poker and Blackjack which requires luck to gain a win.

13 Cards Indian Rummy got its roots in southern parts of India but it rose to worldwide popularity since the launch of online rummy websites like Rummy Millionaire. The online platform allowed the card game enthusiasts to enjoy the game whenever and wherever they want. Also, online rummy platforms offered the players with multiple game variants which made the game more fun to play as well as engaging. The other benefits playing online include free cash rewards while signing up and tournaments from which a player can play with equally skilled players to earn a big cash prize.

Some of the benefits of playing online rummy games rather than playing traditional or offline rummy are mentioned in the points below:

Play with New Players, Everyday!

One of the best features of playing rummy online is playing with new players every time you make a login. Some online rummy websites also offer features to add a player as your buddy so that you can play with them privately inviting them to a table you or they create. It’s a proven fact that the more you play with new players, the more skills and strategy you can learn and later develop your game to a greater extend.

Rummy Online Rewarding Programs

Each online rummy website has its own rewarding program which makes each of them unique. While most of the rummy sites reward free cash to players on registration, some websites offers extra cash as bonus while players make their first deposit. Other than these most websites run daily promotions which include cashback deals whenever a player loses cash rummy games. This makes the players to come back and join the table again for some more games compared to sitting outside in offline rummy when you go out of cash.

Practice, Freerolls and Cash Rummy Options

Online rummy websites are a great platform to learn and improve your gaming skills. Most rummy sites offer practice tables in which you can play any rummy variant with free virtual chips against multiple players. Also, an option of freeroll tables makes the online rummy gaming more interesting for free players as long as they are not depositing any cash to play cash rummy. Freeroll rummy tournaments allow new players to showcase their skills without paying anything from their pocket too. Once a player makes his deposit with the rummy website, he can join cash rummy tables and tournaments to win a bigger prize compared to freeroll rummy tournaments.

Some of these benefits of online rummy games over traditional offline rummy made the game more exciting and popular. Not to mention, the daily promotions, festival special tournaments with multi-level qualifier rounds increased the interest of young generation towards a game that was often termed as a retro game.

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