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The Use of Information Technology in the Casino Industry

The casino industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. Offline gambling found the way to temporarily escape from the world where we all live and moved to the online gambling universe. Land-based casinos are still around, but online gaming is the new thing. Gambling regulatory authorities along with governments of many countries have been trying to figure out how to organize online gambling within their jurisdictions.

At the same time, casinos have started other business activities such as entertainment, accommodation, event management that go well with gambling. The center of that exciting space is reserved for the information technologies which make all of this possible.

Technology Innovations in iGaming

Unbelievable progress of IT in the last few decades is responsible for the fact that you’re reading this post in the first place. Computers, hi-speed Internet, servers, e-wallets, content, graphic design, these are all accomplishments without which it would be impossible to imagine the concept of online casino.

Therefore, casinos simply must keep up with the latest technologies if they want to survive on this highly competitive market. Innovations are here to entice players and to provide them with a superb gaming experience. These tech wonders include the following:

  1. Mobile and website applications – They offer services like vehicle parking, score tracking and various discounts for a wide range of services connected to different loyalty programs.
  1. Interactive walls – As their title says, they allow players to interact with information. A good example is the one built in Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas where guests can browse through an archive of rock and roll data.
  1. Huge digital screens at the entrance – They function as information booths for tourists helping them to find relevant and interesting information about each casino. Mirage Revolution Hotel in Vegas has one of these.
  1. Visually appealing LED tables and chairs – Casino atmosphere is focused on pleasuring people’s senses, especially the visual part. Attractive interior design sends a message that casino wants its players to feel special and relaxed. Gamers appreciate this kind of attention and usually return to places where they enjoy playing.
  1. Interactive augmented digital technologies – The idea is to give a player an option to interact with lights by using hands. Depending on the game, a different set of lights turns on and off.
  1. Multi player online games – Cloud Computing brought live multi player gambling to the table. Playing outcome related games such as slots, dice or wheel has become possible with the state-of-the-art technology called the OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  1. PRNG or Pseudo Random Number Generator is an algorithm standing behind virtual casino games. That means that players are now able to find out more about the genuineness of the gambling software they use.

What Tomorrow Brings

Information technologies evolve by the minute and it’s hard to predict what will happen in the future. VR casinos are already here, but they are yet to prove their potential. Until then, analytics and predictive powers of VR and AI will definitely raise the casino industry’s quality bar to a higher level.

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