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The Best Ways to Earn Money From Live Streaming

As attention spans shorten with the advancement of the digital age, people have been looking at alternative methods of creating additional income. Online video streaming has become a form of entertainment, suiting both the tech we carry in our pockets and the length of time people are able to focus on video content.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a live streamer? Read on to find out how you can put some cash in your pocket from live streaming. You don’t even have to leave your front door (or back door, for that matter).

Product Launches

The commercial equivalent of a maternity ward, product launches are an incredibly accessible way of monetizing your online video stream. Sounds great, but how?

Most importantly, you need in depth knowledge of the products you’re going to be launching on your stream. Also known as “unboxing”, product launch streamers are experts in their field. Be it for audio equipment, cosmetics, phones, computers, clothing or even cars – you can earn decent revenue from live streaming product launches.

With tech being the most popular focus on live streaming, if you come from a technological background, you’re already halfway to becoming a live streaming supremo.


A connoisseur of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? A gifted Fortnite gamer? A League of Legends legend? Live streaming Esports is a dream job for almost anyone that’s ever picked up a PlayStation or Xbox pad or hammered away at a keyboard while playing a game they love.

Okay, okay, we may be making this sound slightly easier than it is. You don’t just need to be good at your chosen game; you need to have absolutely exceptional gaming skills to earn money through live streaming Esports. The market has exploded in recent years with record live crowds turning up to watch their favorite gaming teams compete against each other. In this case, practice makes perfect, as they say.

Casino Gaming

Audiences love watching big wins (and losses). Should you have a deep understanding of a specific casino game such as roulette, blackjack, or the streamers favorite – slots, then live streaming casino gaming could be your new potential revenue stream. Not sure which casino game to choose? Check out more games here.

The money you have to fund your casino gaming (known as bankroll) is very important when it comes to live casino streaming. Always play within your means and set aside a proportion of your disposable income to casino stream, stay within your budget and don’t financially showboat just for the sake of attracting more viewers. Casino live streaming is meant to be fun, so let’s keep it that way.

Pretty Much Anything Else You Can Think Of

Product launches, Esports and casino live streaming are a few of the top ways you can profit from live streaming. The good news? It doesn’t end there. Live streaming is only limited by your imagination and absolutely anything can be live streamed for profit.

Some of the more left-of-center live streaming activities include watching lightbulbs, live streaming from the international space station, truck driving and empty beaches. So, what will you choose to live stream? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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