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A Roleplaying Adventure Campaign for a Great Charitable Cause in ‘Harper’s Tale’

Saturday Morning Scenarios and Matt Corley are in the midst of working on a 5E compatible adventure campaign which will benefit Friends of Kids with Cancer. Currently funding on IndieGoGo, Harper’s Tale is a family friendly campaign – conceived by Matt’s daughter during her treatments to battle leukemia – which will task the player characters with a quest to find the source of a mysterious plague. You can score the first adventure absolutely free at DriveThruRPG with Harper’s Tale: Welcome to Grove.

From Matt Corley and Saturday Morning Scenarios:

Harper’s Tale is an epic story of sacrifice, perseverance, and redemption. The heroes will investigate, battle, and learn the true origins of the threat to their home. The adventure is based on an outline my daughter, Harper, and I wrote after coming home from the hospital after her first round of chemotherapy treatment for leukemia and has been brought to life by an award-winning team.

Welcome to Grove is a free adventure to get the word out about our IndieGoGo campaign to benefit Friends of Kids with Cancer to help others, like Harper, who are battling cancer. There are 10 adventures in all, culminating in the party, now 10th level, confronting the source of the plague within their home land. The adventure path is intended for younger players, but I promise players of all ages will find plenty to keep them engaged with the story. You’ve picked up the first adventure, thank you by the way, and can see for yourself that family-friendly can be fun for everyone.

The campaign begins in the Village of Grove as the heroes come to a seemingly deserted village. Through exploration and investigation, they learn that a mysterious illness has taken over the town, leaving only two young women, Rose and Grace, to care for the populace.

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