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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Saturday Morning Scenarios

Horror in the Windy City (Saturday Morning Scenarios)
Whispers in the Dark: Horror in the Windy City transports GMs and players to 19th century Chicago as death stalks the Colombian Exposition.…
Jeff brings you the latest tabletop gaming news from Fantasia Games, Saturday Morning Scenarios, Darrington Press, Dire Wolf Digital, Fire Ruby Design, and more!…
Whispers in the Dark promises to bring investigative horror to your 5E gaming and might be a great fit for those looking to dive into gaslamp, Cthulhu mythos, or noir-ish tales of terror at their game table.…
Jeff shares the latest tabletop gaming news from Iello Games, Saturday Morning Scenarios, KOSMOS Games, Paizo Inc, GMT Games, and more.…
Saturday Morning Scenarios and Matt Corley are in the midst of working on a 5E compatible adventure campaign which will benefit Friends of Kids with Cancer.…
Jeff shares the latest tabletop gaming news from Backspindle Games, Saturday Night Scenarios, Tompet Games, Bundle of Holding, Parallel Games, and more.…

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