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‘Axis & Allies & Zombies’ Heads to the Front Lines October 26th

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Axisa & Allies & Zombies (Avalon Hill)While there still isn’t a ton of useful information about the Avalon Hill WWII/Zombie mash up Axis & Allies & Zombies, we do have some box art and a release date. The game, which is a revamp of classic A&A, will throw undead into the mix as two two five players will battle not only each other but hordes of zeds too. Axis & Allies & Zombies is for ages 12 and up, takes one to three hours to play, and will carry an MSRP of $40.00 when it hits stores October 26th.

On a side note: While you can’t take a WWII game with zombies too seriously, the use of the word “zany” in the press blurb below really doesn’t sit well with me in the same way I can’t stand to watch Hogan’s Heroes in the 21st Century.

From Avalon Hill:

Axis & Allies and Zombies takes the beloved World War II strategy classic Axis & Allies and adds a fun alternate history twist with streamlined gameplay, curveballs like chainsaw tanks and zombie mind control rays, and a zany storyline strategy fans everywhere will enjoy.

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