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Better Duck Because It’s Time for a Food Fight!

Food Fight from Cryptozoic EntertainmentArriving in just a few days to dining tables, err… I mean store shelves is Food Fight from Cryptozoic Entertainment. This rather interesting looking card drafting game will pit your favorite munchies against each other in a battle to the… Hmmm… I guess not death but rather the garbage disposal?

From Cryptozoic:

There’s strong, then there’s tasty.

The food world is in chaos and the food mascots have declared war. No longer content to let consumers decide which food is best, they assembled their armies and marched them to battle. Breakfast, lunch, dinner– three words that typically bring people together, now battlefields that were tearing food world apart. Bacon vs. eggs. Burger vs. french fries. Mealtime compliments now forced to spoil one another and toss the leftovers down the garbage disposal. Who will win the Food Fight?

Draft foods from Major Weiner to General Cheeseburger and battle to claim breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Send them to glory at the Push at Hamburger Hill. Spread a little relish with instants like Medic Mustard if you like the taste. The food with the most Yumminess wins! Mascots like the Toast Master General can give your army an edge when it comes to mealtime, but beware the dog. You don’t want your perfectly plated meal to end up kibble.

No Need to Butter Me Up, Soldier!

Jeff McAleer

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