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Build the Best Old West in ‘Capital City’ From Calliope Games

Capital City (Calliope Games)I mentioned quite a few Calliope Games releases last week but I wasn’t through sharing everything. That’s right there’s still one more title on the horizon and it’s Capital City. Players take on the roles of community leaders aiming to make the biggest impact on their town in order to be named mayor. Capital City is making it’s way to stores soon and is for three to six players, ages 8 and up, plays in around 30-50 minutes and will carry a very family friendly MSRP of $20.

From Calliope:

Howdy, partners, and welcome to Capital City! In this here fast-playing card game designed by James Ernest, you’ve got one year to help build the most famous town in all the West! Each season, the train will bring in city slickers and kinfolk from the east to help you run your new businesses on Main Street. Hire your workers carefully, keeping in mind that members of the same family help each other reach success faster! In Capital City, Dollars are useful, but Victory Points are like pure gold! At the end of the year, the player with the most Victory Points wins the game and becomes the new Mayor of Capital City! Bring home a little piece of the wild west today! 

In Capital City, players have four rounds represented by the seasons of the year to expand their Wild West town! First, they bid for player Priority order for the current season. Next, they choose Character cards from the train to put to work, and then purchase Building cards to form Main Street. Then, players attach Character cards to the Building cards to earn Dollars or Victory Points! Attached Characters are workers that provide bonuses to the current player and other players with Characters from the same family! At the end of four seasons, the player with the most Victory Points wins! Yee-haw!

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