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Caldera Park Arrives in November

Caldera Park (Pegasus Spiele)November will see the release of the family board game Caldera Park from Pegasus Spiele. In the game, players will compete to create the best national park through placement of various animal species in differing terrains. Caldera Park is for one to four players, ages 8+, plays in around 20 to 40 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $39.99 when it arrives next month.

About the game:

Welcome to the wilderness of North America! Breathtaking mountain views and spectacular geysers await you. Vast forests and prairie provide habitats for native animals. Your task is to group animals of the same species together in families as large as possible. But large families are only half the battle: to score a lot of points, they also need access to watering holes and must avoid bad weather.

A turn comprises two simple steps: First, one player chooses a feature (species or watering hole) and a terrain requirement from a limited selection. Then, each player must place one of their tokens showing that feature onto one of their park spaces obeying that terrain requirement. What seems no trouble at first grows more and more challenging and exciting as the available spaces become fewer and fewer. But it’s not only the choices of your fellow players that can disrupt your plans. There are also unpredictable weather tokens that you must take into account.

After five rounds, the game ends. Then you score your most valuable family of each species and the terrains you completely populated.

Caldera Park is an interactive puzzle-game that achieves a perfect balance between strategic planning and luck. This, and its accessible ruleset, make it a great next step for anyone who enjoyed Savannah Park.

Caldera Park Layout (Pegasus Spiele)

Jeff McAleer

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    Our Summary

    Caldera Park Arrives in November

    November will see the release of the family board game Caldera Park from Pegasus Spiele.