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Carcassonne Moving to Z-Man Games

Hans im Gluck announced that they will be using a new distributor for the English releases of their games. Their partnership with Rio Grande is coming to an end, and by this fall/winter you will only be able to purchase Carcassonne and all its variations from Z-Man Games (according to the Hans im Gluck website).

Rio Grande has indicated that they are taking the company in a new direction.

“In an effort to simplify our product line and to better focus on our core business of providing the best games to our customers, Rio Grande Games has been reducing the number of games we co-produce and distribute from other companies. The final step in this process will occur at the end of 2012 when we end our publishing of games from Hans im Gluck. We expect to continue our other publishing arrangements with our other partners and will also expand our own line of games. This includes more products to support Dominion and Race for the Galaxy and to add new games to our own line.”

Z-Man Games acknowledged that the will begin distributing Hans im Gluck titles beginning this fall including both Carcassonne and Stone Age, as well as other games still in the works.

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1 Comment

  1. I can understand moving in a new direction but that’s going to be a serious chunk of change coming out of Rio Grande’s pocket…


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