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Buffy the Vampire Slayer the TV series first appeared on television 15 years ago this week. As a big Buffy fan, I thought that I would pass along Eden Studios suggestion to give their Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG a try.

Buffy roleplaying game has got to be a game that’s all slay and all play, cinematic roleplaying at its best without a lot of number crunching. Remember cowboys and Indians? This is “butt-kickers and vamps,” with just enough dice to give everyone something to do with their hands.

Taking material at will from a series of game books (kind of like a Las Vegas buffet), players help tell a fully interactive story guided by a Director, who works very hard to give them all something to reduce to a pile of dust. The Director sets up a story treatment, casts the bad guys and innocent victims, and keeps everything pointed roughly plotward — the players take the roles of characters from the show, or Slayers and Scoobies from their own imagination.

With the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG, you can play one night stands against demons, or go the whole semester with Buffy, Willow, Xander and the rest in a series of interconnected adventures.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a complete roleplaying game. In it, you will find:

• An introduction to roleplaying and the Buffyverse
• A roleplaying guide to all seven season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
• Detailed character creation, including pre-constructed Heroes and White Hats, for your quick-play pleasure
• Roleplaying specifics for the entire Original Cast, from Buffy to Dawn, including their wild and wacky changes
• The Buffy Unisystem, streamlined for cinematic slayage and sneakage
• A primer on magic mojo, for those who dare
• A guide to the hotspots of Sunnydale
• The monsters of mayhem, all stat-ed out and ready-to-slay, and the skinny every season’s Big Bad
• Blow-by-blow instructions for creating Buffy roleplaying Episodes, Seasons, and Series
• A complete Episode to get slaying fast and easy
• A guide to Buffyspeak to add sparkle to your dialogue

Other Buffy RPG products include:


Just found out you’re the Slayer, and feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Never fear, it’s all right here in Technicolor goodness: the dos, the don’ts, the whys, the wherefores, even a few what’s whats. There’s also some notes from the Slayers’ diaries, just in case you don’t hail from Sunnydale.

Study up-it’s your neck on the line (literally)!

Slayer’s Handbook is a supplement for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer roleplaying game. In it, you will find:

• Background on being a Slayer, tales of the Slayers and advice for Directors on using Slayers in their games
• New character creation ideas, qualities and drawbacks, and more character archetypes
• Guidelines for alternative settings in a Slayer-oriented game, including different places, times and histories
• Three ready-to-play mini-settings for Slayers of all shapes and sizes
• A complete Episode continuing the plotline begun in the BTVS corebook


Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, and a Slayer’s gotta have something to slay.  Fortunately for her, there’s no shortage of vamps, demons, nasties, and Big Bads wandering around out there.  And when the latté hits the fan, knowing an Acathla from a Gorch can save the world.  The keys to combating these charmless creatures of nightmare are all here, in vivid detail.

Hey, nobody said living on the Hellmouth was going to be all sunshine and stylish garb

Monster Smackdown is a supplement for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer roleplaying game. In it, you will find:

• An overview covering the nature of the Buffyverse, hellmouths, and hell dimensions, including some never before seen samples
• A complete rundown on vampires, including their powers, vulnerabilities, morality, nature, and hangouts
• A similar treatment for demons, with specific on many demonic races
• Details on non-vamp undead, primals, human villains, and various other critters that populate the Buffyverse
• Background and specifics on Buffy’s major villains, unique demons, hellgoddesses, and real bad nasties, including a revisit of all the seasonal Big Bads
• Rules, guidelines, and ideas for creating monsters true to the spirit of the Buffyverse, including a list of mix-and-match monster powers
• A complete Episode featuring a major turning point in the Djinn Season


Do you have a plan? If you’re a Director and your Buffy the Vampire Slayer roleplayers are looking to you for adventure, you’d better! You don’t want things to get ugly, do ya?

No worries though, we’ve got your plan right here, all wrapped up in one killer package. Yep, everything you Director types need to run a high intensity, large-living and sweet Buffy the Vampire Slayer roleplaying game session (or sessions-hey, there’s a whole lotta stuff packed in this bodacious bundle).

A must-have reference for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Roleplaying Game, the Director’s Screen includes:

• A full-color, four-panel screen covered with Buffy images and designs to rock the players
• Easily referenced charts and tables on the flip side of the screen, freeing you up to focus on the scintillating storyline
• A solid section laying out game-running and session-mastering tips to simplify your job and make the players look for more where that came from
• Three ready-to-run, interrelated Episodes for the BtVS RPG corebook Archetypes, the Original Cast or your players’ own character creations


Okay, so you’re not the one and only Slayer . . . whatever.

With ancient and powerful magicks on your side, you don’t need to be able to bench press a car to fight evil with the best of them. Whether you’re a witch, a warlock, a dabbler in the dark arts, a psychic or even a superscientist, you have powers granted to few mortals. ‘Course, there’s a potential downside . . . but bad stuff never happens to the good guys. Right?

Here you’ll find all the info you need to master your powers and learn how to introduce the monsters to a world of magical hurt. Oh, and there’s also some talk of the dark side . . . just in case . . .

The Magic Box is a supplement for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer roleplaying game. In it, you will find:

• A history of magic and the supernatural in the Buffyverse
• New character creation ideas, Qualities and Drawbacks, and more character Archetypes for witches, warlocks, psychics and other users of arcane arts
• Descriptions and stats for rituals and items of mystical power from the BtVS TV show as well as a few never seen before
• Expanded rules for creating new spells and magical “talismens . . . mans . . . talisguys”
• Details on psychic powers and other paranormal abilities
• A complete Episode featuring a monster that only powerful magic can vanquish


Elliott Miller

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