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Crooked Dice Games Releases Myths & Monsters for 7th Voyage

Myth-and-MonstersUK based Crooked Dice Games has released their latest supplement in their 7th Voyage line of skirmish level miniature rules, Myths & Monsters. You can get your hands on the forty page PDF for a measly £5.00 (or around $8 for those of us spending Uncle Sam’s greenbacks).

From Crooked Dice:

Dare you face the quest? Will you take up weapons and begin a zealous crusade to hunt down the monsters of legend? Or will you take on the role of one of these mythic beasts, unleashing their savage rage and power on the world of 7th Voyage?

Concentrating on two of the greatest stories of Ancient Greece, that of Herakles’ Twelve Labours and Odysseus’ struggle to return home, this 40 page PDF supplement to 7th Voyage provides new rules and campaigns based on these epics.

Jeff McAleer

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