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Cthulhu Hack 2E RPG is up for Crowdfunding

Score the Cthulhu Hack 2E on Kickstarter

Cthulhu Hack 2E (All Rolled Up)All Rolled Up is in the midst of a crowdfunding project to bring the Cthulhu Hack 2E roleplaying game to the masses. The award winning RPG will be expanded with more options and GM tools. The project is nearing 300% funding and you can reserve a copy of the new second edition of Cthulhu Hack in softcover for an $18.00 pledge or grab the hardcover for a $34.00 pledge through November 28th. Expected delivery is next July.

About the project:

Cthulhu Hack is a role-playing game of investigative horror against a backdrop of HP Lovecraft’s mythos. 

Cthulhu Hack focuses on simple, accessible rules and mechanics designed to emulate the slow spiral of self-destruction that dominates the original tales.

Since 2016, the Cthulhu Hack has expanded into a line of supplements and adventures, many of them award-winning. Five years on, this Kickstarter delves deeper into the dark universe of the Cthulhu Mythos with a Second Edition.

What’s new?

  • More for Investigators: Expanded Archetypes to provide you with more options — like Performers and Sleuths — along with a tweak to the occupational skills and Special Abilities to create a breadth of character distinctiveness right from the start.
  • GM Guide: There’s an expanded toolset for the GM to take the world and the play experience further, including occult grimoires, campaign frameworks, and random prompts to colour or improvise scenes or whole investigations.
  • More Mythos: Monsters and avatars get an upgrade, with more details on their capabilities, perceived motivations, and the foolish humans who seek to summon, support and worship them.
  • Dark Universe: There’s a campaign framework embedded in the new edition that you can embrace, pick through for ideas, or set aside. Your game, your call—but it’s there if you want it, challenging the Investigators at every turn.
  • Second Edition: All of the rules have been rewritten and refreshed to simplify the core book and enhance the rich horror gaming experience.

Cthulhu Hack 2nd Edition will be a 112-page A5 volume (148 x 210mm or 5.8 x 8.3 inches), available in soft and hardcover. Packed with content, scattered with illustrations, and complete with an update of the original Save Innsmouth: Part 0 adventure to get you going immediately.

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