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Dark Age Games Reveals Yearly Rule Books for Free Download

Dark Age Core RulesI have to say I’ve never had a chance to check out Dark Age up close but the minis always look pretty damn sharp to me. Now Dark Age Games has announced something pretty unprecedented in miniature gaming: a new rule book every year available as a free download. There’s plenty more in the announcement as well!

From Dark Age:

We here at Dark Age are proud to announce that very soon we will be releasing a brand new Core Rulebook!

It’s all been leading to this, dear players, the culmination of over a year’s worth of player feedback, play-testing, and rules revamps! We’ve looked over every aspect of our game, how it is played, what works, what doesn’t work, and refined every element of it. Now, I don’t want to worry any of you- we didn’t rebuild the game- Oh no, we love our dark little world just the way it is- all we’ve done is go through each component of it and refined it to an art!

We’ve very proud of the changes we’ve made and believe this will escalate Dark Age in every way!

More than just new rules though, we’ve taken a look at our credence as a company, just how we wanted to function in regards to our player-base and our game as a whole, and with that here are some facts about how we will be progressing in the future that I believe you all will enjoy:

1. Rules Available Online: We do not believe that rulebooks should be a barrier of entry into our game- the fact that you, the players, have chosen to play our game in which to spend your hobby hours and time playing is reward enough, so in that light we are announcing that to coincide with the physical printing of the book we will also be offering it for free as a downloadable .pdf for your tablets/to print/to do whatever you wish with. Of course you can expect the same quality and production value in our new book, as we have displayed in our previous releases, but for those who prefer the digital medium, we are giving that to you as well.

dag22012. Book Trade-in System: As an added bonus to all of you out there who already own our Core Rules we’re giving you guys some rewards as well- As many of you know, we here at Dark Age love to make the convention rounds, and love speaking to our fans at either our booths or the various MTI events we hold at said conventions. So as a reward to you guys we’re offering a Book Trade-In System wherein you can bring us your old copy of the Dark Age: Apocalypse Core Rules, trade it in, and walk away with a brand new copy of our new rulebook absolutely free.

3. New Content, New Beginnings: The new Core Rulebook will encompass everything you need to play, from the rules, to special and weapon abilities, to our recently released Faction Documents, as well as the Extreme Tournament Format and Scenarios for that year- You may have noticed I said that year. Well that is because we want Dark Age to be ever-improving, creating the best gaming experience possible for all our current fans and those to come, and to answer that we are adopting a yearly revision of our rules, meaning our players won’t have to wait 3-4 years in between new revisions. We plan to have this coincide with our Immortals tournament at Gen Con each year- so every August we will be releasing the revamped Core Rules for that year- of course available immediately for download and also qualifying for the above-mentioned trade-in system on the previous year’s book.

4. Themes: Of course, for the collectors out there, each year’s book will carry a certain theme for the storyline/fluff entries in it, usually relating to the sub-faction/armies released for that year- we’re not creating some drab and mechanical book of rules for you guys, these are going to be exciting and interesting catalogs of secrets and stories, enough to sate any fluff and fiction aficionado!

Jeff McAleer

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