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DCC Setting Leopard Women of Venus is Out in Print and PDF

A pulp science fiction setting is out for DCC

Leopard Women of Venus (JLHB Polytechnic)Now available in print and PDF from JLHB Polytechnic is Leopard Women of Venus. The sourcebook is designed for Dungeon Crawl Classics and brings a pulp science fiction setting to your gaming table. The 196 page book is available as a B&W softcover (with PDF) from Drive ThruRPG for $30.00 or you can grab the PDF alone for $15.00.

About the book:

Leopard Women of Venus is a mechanism designed to inject delirious pulp sci-fi adventure into your tabletop RPG sessions. It is, in short, a setting book inspired by the works of legendary Golden Age comic book artist Fletcher Hanks, using the popular Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) rules system. It’s like a Flash Gordon fever dream.

From a distance, Venus is a beautiful blue orb suspended in the inky void. But up close, Venus is a tropical hell-planet, its ecosystem mutated in grotesque and deadly fashion by the mysterious Compound-N. From the Quivering Blood Gnats to the Hideous Spider Priests, from the acid-dripping Venusian Fly-Traps to the carnivorous mushrooms, every living thing is bent on destroying human life.

Despite the odds, four human factions continue to survive on Venus. In addition to fending off the endlessly lethal flora and fauna, they must also keep watch for invaders from other worlds–Earth, Mars, and Bloodu–and the constant threat of betrayal by the other factions.

Even the Leopard Women of Venus, with their flying saurians and comet-fire helmets, are hard pressed to defend against these threats. Human civilization exists on Venus now–but for how much longer? That’s for you and your gaming group to decide.

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