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December Brings the Pathfinder: Goblin Firework Fight Party Game

Pathfinder: Goblin Firework Fight (Paizo Inc)Paizo Inc will be releasing their first board game in a long time later this year. Aimed at the party crowd, Pathfinder: Goblin Firework Fight will task players with looting the town and fellow goblins for fireworks. No player count, age range, or length of playtime has been indicated but the game will arrive in stores December 8th and carry an MSRP of $29.99.

About the game:

Paizo presents an all-new fast-paced party game: Pathfinder Goblin Firework Fight! Goblins have come to the town of Sandpoint, intent upon stealing their fireworks for an upcoming festival. Do you have the goblin grit to pillage your way to victory and emerge from the town with the most fireworks?

Pathfinder Goblin Firework Fight is a quick party game of theft and mayhem featuring the world-famous Pathfinder goblins! Pillage loot from the town or from your fellow goblins, but watch out! The other goblins are just as likely to steal from you!

★ This fast-paced, laugh-inducing party game brings the popular Pathfinder goblins to a much wider audience!
★ The first stand-alone boardgame from Paizo in years.
★ Full-color illustrated cards and tokens immerse players in the goblin action!

Jeff McAleer

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