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Dive Into the Core of the 13th Age RPG in the Newest Bundle of Holding

Score a great deal with the 13th Age introductory PDF bundle

13th Age Eyes of the Stone Thief (Pelgrane Press)Bundle of Holding has unveiled two new money saving bundles featuring the 13th Age fantasy RPG from Pelgrane Press. The first bundle, which you’ll see below, is chock full of the core books needed to really get up and running with the immensely popular roleplaying game. You can jump on board starting at $19.95 and the bundle runs through December 31. Don’t forget ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) will be donated to this offer’s designated charity, Human Rights Watch.

From Pelgrane Press:

Hero! We’ve resurrected our our December 2015 13th Age Bundle, featuring .PDF ebooks of the bestselling tabletop fantasy roleplaying game 13th Age from Pelgrane Press. Created by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, lead designers of the Third and Fourth Editions of Dungeons & Dragons, 13th Age combines the best parts of traditional D20 RPGs with story-focused rules that let you run the kind of game you most want to play.

A huge hit in both its original run and its previous revival in May 2017, this re-resurrected bargain-priced offer gives you everything you need — rules, monsters, treasures, adventures, and even music — to run your own 13th Age campaign in the Dragon Empire or the setting of your choice. For just US$$19.95 you get all three titles in this revival’s Starter Collection (retail value $62) as complete, DRM-free .PDF ebooks and MP3 music tracks, including the complete 325-page 13th Age rulebook, the 13 True Ways rules expansion, and the huge 13th Age Soundtrack with atmospheric music for your play sessions.

And if you pay more than this revival’s threshold price of $33.16, you’ll level up and also get this offer’s entire Bonus Collection with seven more supplements worth an additional $81:

  • Eyes of the Stone Thief: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan’s massive 364-page campaign in pursuit of, and inside, a colossal living megadungeon.
  • 13th Age Bestiary: A horde of creatures that work as both monsters and rivals, with hundreds of variant versions plus adventure hooks, advice on building battles, and items you’ll find in their lairs.
  • Book of Loot: A 72-page collection of hundreds of new treasures.
  • Shadows of Eldolan: An ideal introductory adventure set in a small town with duelling wizards’ schools.
  • Diamonds and Shadows: Available exclusively in this offer and nowhere else, this 171-page adventure collects, updates, and expands seven modules from the popular first season of the 13th Age Organized Play program.
  • Candles, Clay, & Dancing Shoes: Your PC has gold to burn? Spend it on these six bizarre one-use magic items that make everyone’s life more interesting.
  • Summoning Spells: A 13th Age Monthly installment with new demon, elemental, and archon summoning spells, plus stats for summoned archons, elementals, and (haHAA!) the laughing demon.
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