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Dominant Species Gets a Visual Facelift

GMT is creating new component artwork for the third print run of the best selling Dominant Species, designed by Chad Jensen. The new edition is already on the P500 list and you also have an opportunity to upgrade your components if you already own Dominant Species.

From GMT:

You can now order the Third Printing of Dominant Species from our P500 list. As we have noted online recently, this edition features all new internal component art. Here’s a sample:

If you want to see more details, click the map above. That’ll take you to the P500 page for this new editions, where you’ll find more detailed art samples and an option to order the game.

We are also providing two update kits, for those of you who’d like to upgrade your existing games. There are:

Card Deck Update

Full Printed Component Update Kit

Note that this game will release in late March, so we’re on a pretty tight time schedule to order the extra components for the update kits. So if you want one of these, please place your order quickly. Thanks! We hope you enjoy this new-look version of Dominant Species.

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