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Fantasy Flight Puts Over 150 Items on Sale!

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they are offering over 150 items on sale for their annual holiday sale, now through December 6th! Here’s the complete list but some items really jump out such as Age of Conan for $25.00, Android also for $25.00 (check out Elliott’s review), Beowulf, the Legend and Beowulf: The Movie Board Game going for five bucks each, and lots more!

Say you’re into miniatures? Then you can’t go wrong with the deals going on with rules and  figures from AT-43, Confrontation, or Mutant Chronicles! If you love to paint minis but are like me, with your own house system as far as the rules you play, you’d be hard pressed to find better deals than many of these standard figs going for around a buck each. Even the much pricier centerpiece models are going for a song. Plus, the Beowulf movie game comes with 40 figures and it’s only $5.00. What a great way to build up your supply of figures for use in the games intended or anything else you can imagine.

Don’t waste too much time because I’ve already seen some of the items available go out of stock in the short time it took me to post this piece!

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