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‘Farideh – Tiefling Warlock’ Latest in Gale Force Nine’s D&D Collector’s Series

Those who have followed the Dungeons & Dragons Collector’s Series from Gale Force Nine will be pleased to see the latest set in the line, Farideh – Tiefling Warlock. The set is based on Erin M. Evan’s character from her best selling series of Forgotten Realms novels and will contain two figures: the Tiefling warlock and her devilish mentor Lorcan. No word yet on a release date or MSRP…

From Gale Force Nine:

Farideh is a fiercely independent warlock who seeks to protect those she loves and right the wrongs of the world. Unfortunately the world at times sees her as one such wrong. A tiefling with one golden and one silver eye, and a retinue of fiery power granted by her pact with the alluring cambion devil Lorcan, Farideh must channel all the blistering energies of the hells to stand against the chaos of the Sundering. 

Farideh, Tiefling Warlock - Gale Force Nine

Jeff McAleer

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