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Free ‘Wyrd Chronicles – Volume 15’ Available for Download

Wyrd Chronicles Volume 15 (Wyrd Miniatures)If you’re a fan of Wyrd Miniatures and their line of unique miniature games you’ll be happy to know the latest issue of their e-zine is now available as a free download. Wyrd Chronicles – Volume 15 focuses heavily on their Malifaux property, as well it should since the system is their hottest game, but there’re plenty of other goodies to peruse as well.

From Wyrd:

In this issue

  • Deception: Clever tricks to fool your opponent
  • December’s Call: Homecoming: Alice finds a place to call home
  • Train of Thoughts: A TTB adventure
  • Your Lucky Day: Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of luck
  • Evade the Patrol: A new Malifaux Scenario
  • UK Malifaux GT: A summary of the biggest Malifaux event to date
  • The Faction with Everything: Outcasts can do it all
  • Blackwood Hospital: Reform in the sanitarium
  • Plast Craft Painting Tutorial: A quick guide to painting the Graveyard set
Jeff McAleer

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