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Wyrd Miniatures

Wyrd Chronicles #34 (Wyrd Miniatures)
Fans of Wyrd Miniatures including their Malifaux line up of titles will be pleased to learn the new issue of Wyrd Chronicles is available for free over on DriveThruRPG.…
Join Jeff for another wargame Wednesday with an unboxing of Chariots of Rome from Victory Point Games. Plus the latest gaming/geek culture news.…
Wyrd Chronicles Volume 15 (Wyrd Miniatures)
If you're a fan of Wyrd Miniatures and their line of unique miniature games you'll be happy to know the latest issue of their e-zine is now available as a free download.…
The latest news from Stronghold Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Privateer Press, Drunk Quest, All Things Equal and more! the show to take on the go right here.And don't forget, The Gaming Gang …
Wyrd Chronicles Issue 4
After some downtime the free PDF magazine, from Wyrd Miniatures, Wyrd Chronicles returns with issue number four. This issue features forty-one pages devoted to the popular Malifaux miniatures system as well as other Wyrd products. You'll find painting techniques, strategy tips, multiplayer rules, an…
Through the Breach
It goes without saying the Wyrd Miniatures Malifaux system is one of the most popular weird/fantasy skirmish level systems on the market today and now that game world is making its first appearance as a role playing game. Through the Breach is currently rocking out the funding on Kickstarter and loo…
Puppet Wars Autopsy
Folks who play Puppet Wars, from Wyrd Miniatures, take note as the new Unstitched Edition is being playtested. Of course Puppet Wars is switching over to plastic minis and in conjunction with this the rules are being updated and Wyrd wants your feedback.From Wyrd:As you may have heard in the…
Wyrd Miniatures is certainly living up to their name - minus the miniatures - with their current Kickstarter project: Evil Baby Orphanage. The title (of which just the name demands taking a peek) is being touted as a semi-educational game of time travel and abduction. The release is a quick, fun, co…
Beckoner Art to Plastic
Wyrd Miniatures is making the jump from producing their line of figures, for popular titles like Malifaux and Puppet Wars from traditional white metal to plastic. This sounds like a great idea as I've always found Wyrd to produce excellent figures but they trend toward the pricey side per mini. Poss…
Wyrd Miniatures has two new minis that are going to crack a smile while also tackling the Easter season. Plus, both figures can be used on the tabletop in your Malifaux games and aren't simply for display! For some reason whenever I look at these I think of Ralphie's present, from his aunt, at the e…
If you think you're up for one of the ultimate online miniature painting contests you should be looking forward to this year's Iron Painter contest from Wyrd Miniatures. Time is short so if you're interested, head to the link below and get signed up!From Wyrd:Ladies, gentlemen and anyone i…
I'm back with today's latest gaming news from AEG, Fantasy Flight Games, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Asmodee Editions, Compass Games, Strategy & Tactics Press, Wyrd Miniatures, and Fiendish Fabrications!Download the news to take on the go right here.And don't forget, The Gaming Gang po…
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