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Gaming Con Season Begins Next Weekend!

A lot of folks are eagerly awaiting the beginning of the Summer convention season and we gamers are just like everyone else; we’re pumped about getting out to our favorite shows and getting to see old friends from across the country. I know I speak for Elliott when I say one of the best things about the cons we hit are the opportunities we have to catch up with pals in the industry – not only to see how things are coming along with games on their schedules but just to chat it up because they’re cool people! Plus we have get a chance to play against our favorite opponents – each other!

Memorial Day weekend gets the ball rolling, for many gamers, with the Gamex Strategicon! The show takes place from May 25th through the 28th at the LAX Sheraton Gateway Hotel. There’s going to be plenty to keep you occupied with loads of special events and this year’s special guests are Tom Jolly and Richard Borg.

Sorry to say The Gaming Gang …um… gang… won’t be at the upcoming con but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to be there! If it’s convenient to make it out to Los Angeles head out to the show and get the season started with a bang!

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