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Gen Con Event Registration Opens Today!

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Those of you making your way to North America’s largest gaming convention, Gen Con, should be aware the event registration opened a little over an hour ago. Time for badge holders to book their spots in any of the hundreds of events going on in Indianapolis this coming August 16th through 19th. There’s even a new feature, with registration, that will allow you to return tickets if you change your mind about an event.

From Gen Con:

This weekend, the path to Gen Con Indy 2012 continues with the opening of Event Registration!

On Sunday, May 20 at noon eastern, Gen Con Indy 2012 badge holders can begin signing-up for events posted in the registration system, found at

It is important to note that if you want to register for events, you MUST have a current, valid badge for Gen Con Indy 2012. With your badge, you will be able to purchase event tickets, purchase tickets for friends in the registration system, and create a Wish List of events.

Just like 2011, Wish Lists that users submit at noon eastern will process first. After these Wish Lists are processed in queue, individual event tickets will be made available for purchase via the Cart. This feature will ensure that the system can process the maximum number of events, preventing delays. We recommend that you build the Wish List prior to registration opening, if you would like the best chance of participating in high-demand events.

More information on the registration process can be found here. We look forward to seeing you online on Sunday and at the show in August!

Important New Event Registration Feature for 2012

Attendees can now return their event tickets to system credit!

This highly requested feature, new in 2012, will give you more flexibility and control over your event schedule, helping you to better organize your Gen Con weekend. In short, if you have signed up for an event but want to change your schedule, you will be able to easily do so now through Simply return your event tickets, and sign-up for new events before pre-registration closes on June 30! Made a mistake? No problem!

This new feature will be available to attendees from the beginning of Event Registration (May 20) through the end of Pre-Registration (June 30). Once Pre-Registration closes and fulfillment begins, any returns must be managed onsite at a Customer Service kiosk, which will open at noon on Wednesday, August 15.
Attendee-initiated ticket returns must be applied to system credit. If you want a refund to your original form of purchase, you must contact Customer Service and have them process the refund for you.

System credit is non-refundable, non-transferrable and does not expire.

Any returns processed by Gen Con are subject to an administrative fee, however, attendee-initiated ticket returns are NOT subject to that 5% fee.

There are two ways you may return tickets to system credit – from your homepage or your “My Transactions” page. You may return your own tickets from either page, but if you wish to return tickets you’ve purchased for friends, you’ll need to do that through your “My Transactions” page.

From your homepage:

  • You can return tickets you purchased for yourself or tickets purchased by someone else for you (the original purchaser will receive the system credit).
  • Event tickets are displayed under the “Tickets by Event” header – on the right side of this header is a return option. Click “Return”.
  • Your tickets will be displayed with a check box next each one. Check the box on the left for each ticket you wish to return.
  • Click “Confirm” on the right side of the “Tickets by Event” header to return those tickets to inventory.

From your transactions page:

  • Event tickets are displayed by transaction under individual transaction headers. On the right side of each transaction header is a return option. Click “Return”.
  • Your tickets will be displayed with a check box next each one. You will see the event description, the recipient and the cost. Check the box on the left for each ticket you wish to return and then hit “Submit” found on the bottom left side of the page. Make sure the tickets you are returning are for the correct recipient (yourself or a friend).

IMPORTANT: When returning tickets for yourself or your friends, you want to be absolutely certain you are returning the correct ticket, as they are immediately released back into inventory, and then can be purchased by someone else. If you return the wrong ticket and someone else buys it, there is no way to get that ticket back.

Please double-check that you are returning the correct tickets before submitting your return. You can view your system credit balance on your “My Profile” page.

Should you encounter difficulty with ticket returns, please email questions to [email protected].

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