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Ghost Stories Back in Stock at Asmodee

Ghost Stories from Asmodee Games is back in stock. Ghost Stories has long been considered one of the most challenging co-op games yet designed, and I can attest that this is a tough game.

In Ghost Stories, the players work together as the Taoist priests attempting to turn back the tide of evil and save the doomed village. With mystical powers and ancient martial arts, the heroes will battle wave after wave of ghosts and demons until Wu-Feng himself rises to claim his remains. Working together is your only hope, as the ghosts increase in number and force the Taoist priests to sacrifice resources, time and even their very lives in this desperate battle against the hordes of Hell.

Ghost Stories is a cooperative game for one to four players. With modular playing tiles and a randomized deck of ghastly foes, no two games will be alike. The cards and tiles boast fantastic illustrations inspired by kung-fu legends, and a variety of excellent plastic playing pieces will draw you into the game. Gather your forces and battle the Lord of Nine Hells in the ultimate battle of good versus evil!

And Ghost Stories is back in stock now, you can pick it up from Asmodee for $49.99

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  1. It think the title says it all, “back in stock at Asmodee” meaning the company has received the print run thus they have it back in stock. Not sure what you mean by blank info as Elliott specifically states you can buy the game from Asmodee for $49.99.

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