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Guilds of Cadwallon Tops $45k with Nine Days Left on Kickstarter

Guilds of CadwallonIf you’re a fan of the Confrontation game world you may just want to head over to Kickstarter before the latest project from CoolMiniOrNot runs its course. Guilds of Cadwallon utilizes miniatures and cards in a tactical board game format as up to four players vie to become the most powerful guild in The City of Thieves. The Project has nine days left and is past the initial funding goal with over $47,000 in funding so far. Guilds of Cadwallon ends its run December 22nd.

From CoolMiniOrNot:

Guilds of Cadwallon is a fast tactical board game for 2 to 4 players.  Take control of the famous City of Thieves set in the Confrontation universe!  Brought to you by the publishers of the Kickstarter projects Zombicide and Sedition Wars!

Each game lasts about a half hour, and is very easy to learn but hard to master. The object of the game is to accumulate as many Guild Points as possible by controlling districts of the city using your agents, on a randomized 3 x 3 square representation of the city over several rounds.

The game is about ready to go to print, and it’s a small, fun and fast  game with some great Confrontation miniatures as Agent Pawns and gorgeous illustrations on each card.

Game Contents

  • 24 Agent Pawns
  • 16 Guild Cards
  • 4 Personality Cards
  • 5 Militia Cards
  • 13 Action Cards
  • 12 optional Condition Cards

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