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    CoolMiniorNot Announces ‘A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game’

    Fans of George R. R. Martin's Song of Fire and Ice and HBO's Game of Thrones should be excited by this piece of GAMA Trade Show news.

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    CoolMiniOrNot Ready to Let Slip the ‘Dogs of War’

    CoolMiniorNot has an interesting new board game on the horizon and they’ve revealed more info regarding Dogs of War, a game set in a steampunk inspired Renaissance era. Dogs of War will allow three to five players to vie for power as their private armies do battle across a shifting political…

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    CoolMiniOrNot Rolls Out Rivet Wars to Kickstarter

    CoolMiniOrNot has just launched their Kickstarter project for Rivet Wars, a game they’re indicating is a “real time strategy inspired” board game featuring what appears to be super deformed/LEGO-style miniatures. The setting is that of a steampunk WWI and designer Ted Terranova promises the action to be fast and furious with…

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    Guilds of Cadwallon Tops $45k with Nine Days Left on Kickstarter

    If you’re a fan of the Confrontation game world you may just want to head over to Kickstarter before the latest project from CoolMiniOrNot runs its course. Guilds of Cadwallon utilizes miniatures and cards in a tactical board game format as up to four players vie to become the most powerful…

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    Ravage Magazine #4 Now Available

    The fourth issue of the  US edition of Ravage magazine is now available from CoolMiniorNot. This issue features loads of info about a slew of your favorite (and possible soon to be new favorite) miniatures games as well as detailed steps for painting better minis. The cover price is $6.99.…

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    The Magazine Rack: Ravage US #1 and Line of Fire #18 Reviewed

    Magazine: Ravage US Edition Issue #1 Publisher: CoolMiniOrNot Editor: Kevin Clark Pages: 69 Retail: $6.99 I’ll say I wasn’t familiar with Ravage before our trip to Origins this year. I suppose the reason behind this is the independent fantasy and science fiction miniatures magazine was only published in French. That is until…

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    The Gaming Gang Extra 42: Origins 2012 Raw – Bryan Steele of CoolMiniOrNot

    Folks who follow the show and site regularly know I’m a huge fan of miniatures. That’s why I knew we just had to make sure we had a chance to swing over and get an interview with CoolMiniOrNot. Not only do they distribute a lot of great lines but also…

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    Sedition Wars Explodes on Kickstarter

    It isn’t too often we’re able to report a Kickstarter project quickly hitting over 600% of it’s funding goal but Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster, produced by Studio McVey and to be distributed by CoolMiniOrNot, is one of those projects! Sedition Wars still runs until June 30th and has already…

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    Zombicide Shatters $100K Level on Kickstarter

    The table top miniatures game of a zombie apocalypse, Zombicide from Guillotine Games and CoolMiniOrNot, has pushed beyond the $100,000 funding mark with well over a week to go in the project’s run. It looks as if the public is pretty excited to see this title not only make it’s…

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    Crystal Brush 2012 Winners Announced

    If you’re looking for some inspiration for your miniature painting look no further than the winners announced for this year’s Crystal Brush Award. Created and organized by CoolMiniOrNot, the awards are a nice reflection of a variety of different manufacturer’s figures available and some truly stunning work. I have to…

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    Just Over Two Weeks Left to Back Zombicide

    Granted, the zombie meme may be on the verge of playing out but an interesting title currently running on Kickstarter is Zombicide: a collaborative game for one to six players developed by Guillotine Games and published by CoolMiniOrNot. The project is already over 300% funded and one of the things that stands out is the inclusion…

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    Cool Mini or Not – Dark Age Games Painting Contest

    You know I’m a huge minis fan and I’m always on the lookout for cool contests fellow painters can enter. The latest is sponsored by Cool Mini or Not and Dark Age Games for the Dark Age Apocalypse game. From CMON: Dark Age Games is proud to sponsor our very…

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    Super Dungeon Explore Finally Arriving

    CoolMiniOrNot  has announced that Super Dungeon Explore has finally arrived and will be making its way to stores shortly. SDE looks like it has a fun retro-anime feel and as you can see, from the limited edition figure below, the minis appear to be really sweet sculpts from Soda Pop…

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