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Hero Games Releases Two New PDFs for the Fantasy Hero RPG

Two new supplements bring plenty of new magic and monsters to your Fantasy Hero world

Hero Games has released two new PDF supplements, on DriveThruRPG, for Fantasy Hero. Here’s the scoop on both books:

Fantasy Hero Grimoire II (Hero Games)Fantasy Hero Grimoire II

180 pages; MSRP $7.50


A Fantasy Hero game can always use more spells for wizards to cast, characters to find in long-lost libraries, and evil sorcerers to wield against heroes. The Fantasy Hero Grimoire II features hundreds of new spells for your campaign, in ten categories:

  • Arcanomancy, spells pertaining to fundamental magical forces
  • Arcomancy, spells for use in warfare
  • Black Magic, spells used by the most evil wizards
  • Chaos Magic, the wizardry of the force called Chaos
  • Monster Magic, spells cast by dragons and other monsters
  • Naming Magic,spells requiring knowledge of the target’s True Name
  • Professional Magic, spells adventurers use to make their lives easier and safer
  • Rune Magic, the magic of carved and painted runes of power
  • Shamanism,spells involving spirits and the Spirit World
  • Song Magic, spells cast through singing, poetry, and jests

All spells are described using a common “spell template” for quick, easy reference, and include multiple options for easy cusomization. Every spellcaster can find some new magics for his spell book in The Fantasy Hero Grimoire II.

Fantasy Hero: Monsters, Minions, And Marauders (Hero Games)Fantasy Hero: Monsters, Minions, And Marauders

128 pages; MSRP $7.50


What’s a Fantasy Hero game without dragons, giants, and other monsters to fight? Monsters, Minions, And Marauders provides you with complete game information for nearly a hundred monsters suitable for any Fantasy game.

It includes:

  • dozens of humanoid foes, ranging from goblins and orcs to ogres, trolls, and giants
  • psionic and extradimensional monsters, such as the devious phantasmite, terrifying Qliphtoic hound, or malicious dreamstalker
  • spirit creatures like dryads, leshi, and nature spirits
  • templates for customizing humanoid monsters, so you can quickly and easily make an average orc into a chieftain, shaman, or war-leader
  • character sheeets for “generic” human adversaries, such as city guards,
    pirates, thieves, soldiers, and barbarian warriors

No matter what your campaign or you Fantasy world are like, Monsters, Minions, And Marauders has just the right monsters for you!

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