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Heroscape: Going…Going…..

I had often thought about getting into Heroscape, they had such cool landscapes that you can build and fight on that it would make any gamer (or kid) want to try, now it may be a little too late since Wizards announced the kabosh on the Heroscape line. I found out that you can still find it in places – no not Walmart andymore – and, luckily, Funagain has two pages of Heroscape products still available.  They still have the Heroscape Marvel Master Set and the Heroscape: Swarm of the Marro Master Set

So if you are interested in giving Heroscape a try, I’d jump in before you have to go start buying everything used on Ebay.

Heroscape at Funagain

Please enter “GANG” at checkout and they will give us some love!

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Elliott Miller

Elliott is well versed in all tabletop gaming subjects and brings his expertise mostly to bear on strategy, family, and Euro-style gaming.

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Kevin E. Schlabach
Kevin E. Schlabach
11 years ago

Yup… I just snatched up 2 master sets and two Ebay lots to insure I have this for my son and I to play in 2-3 years when he’s mature enough to play it.

There’s a theory the license will be sold to someone to revive, but there’s no guarantee it would be backwards compatible… and that’s if it happens.

Mike Groves
11 years ago

You can still pick up some if you go to any of the sites on the front page of heroscapers.com

Pick up some ‘Scape and enjoy it soon, but don’t worry if it won’t be out for some time you can always make customs.

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