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Last Day to Pre-Order Eminent Domain on Kick Starter!

Eminent Domain – The soon to be published space themed deck building game from Tasty Minstrel Games is set to be kick started today. If you want to reserve your copy of the game, you should head over to their Pledge page on Kickstarter and pre-order your copy now. There is less than 10 hours to go!
A lot of us were disappointed when we were unable to get our hands on a copy of Alien Frontiers right away, and are stuck waiting for the second printing. Tasty Minstrel already has over $46,000 raised to get this game printed, so it WILL come out!

Here is how they describe the game:
Eminent Domain is a space empire building game that revolves around a deck of role cards.

Each turn you choose a Role. You boost its power by playing cards that match. The role you choose becomes a part of your deck.

Even though everybody starts with the same deck, strategies quickly diverge. It is exciting to see how different types of space empires fare against each other.

Using these Roles, you’ll Survey to discover planets. Using Colonize or Warfare you conquer planets. Conquered planets give you points, abilities, resources to harvest and then trade, and the ability to research matching tech types.

Over the course of the game you specialize in some combination of these Roles depending on your strategy. Will you be the warmonger who uses Survey and Warfare to take over many planets? Or will you concentrate on harvesting and trading resources? Maybe you’ll invest heavily in research for points and upgraded abilities! The Choice Is Yours…

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