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Leeds Warmachine to Hold Breast Cancer Brawl in October

Kudos to our gaming brethren across the pond as the Leeds Warmachine group, who play at Travelling Man Comics and Games, is holding what they’re calling The Breast Cancer Brawl this October 21st. The Brawl is a 32 player Warmachine event and if you live in or around the Yorkshire area be sure to make your way out and support a great cause!

From Leeds Warmachine:

This is a 32 Player Breast Cancer Brawl Charity Event on 21 October which has so far been given prize support from:


Privateer Press themselves,
Cerberus Entertainment,
Guts n Gears podcast,
Travelling Man,
Litchfield+Fields Ltd Model Makers,
Boyzie Painting Tutor

This will be a big event with a raffle as well and we’re hoping for a lot of interest and pink armies coming along to support it and be very generous on the day.

Jeff McAleer

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