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Less Than Two Weeks to Back the Newly Expanded Red Dragon Inn Pathfinder Sourcebook on Kickstarter

Earlier today our pal Sam Waller, of SlugFest Games, informed us the current Kickstarter project for The Red Dragon Inn: A Guide to Inns and Taverns is now to be twice the size of what was initially planned for release. Instead of 48 pages to add more flavor and adventure to your Pathfinder campaign, now you can look forward to 96 pages! Less than two weeks remain to fund the project and, as of this writing, Slug Fest has achieved 62% of their $10,000 goal. If you play Pathfinder (or any other fantasy RPG in fact) the time is now to make sure the guide makes it to the printer.

From SlugFest:

The makers of The Red Dragon Inn are bringing their experience with inns and taverns to a roleplaying game near you!

The Red Dragon Inn: Guide to Inns and Taverns is a 96-page Pathfinder compatible sourcebook – the ultimate toolbox on inns and taverns. It will include new rules for resolving gambling and drinking and be filled to the brim with NPCs, maps, and more.

“Don’t get me wrong, heroes are made in the dungeon. But, it’s not until we share a mug of ale with them that we get learn about who they really are.” – Cliff Bohm, SlugFest Games President

So what’s the big deal with inns and taverns anyway? Think of your favorite fantasy adventure. Did those heroes meet up at a tavern? (Yep). Did a “simple” night at the inn start a great adventure story? (Thought so). Adventuring goes hand in hand with meeting at, fighting in, and escaping from taverns! 

Now lets look at your game. Does your campaign have its Prancing Pony or Inn of the Last Home? Are your taverns a big deal? If they aren’t, you should probably fix that… and we’ve got just the book for you!

The Guide will have all the details you need to add The Red Dragon Inn to your game:

  • All the drinks from the card game and even some new ones! Over 20 drinks with their effects, serving sizes, prices and other details are included.
  • The Traditions common to The Red Dragon Inn – like Drinking Contests and Gambler’s Grog – and the answer to the question: “Who, in their right mind, orders Dirty Dishwater?”
  • The story of founding of The Red Dragon Inn and Warthorn Redbeard, the dwarf who started it all!

But the Guide isn’t just about The Red Dragon Inn. It’s about the inn or tavern that you want in your game!  Whether you are a player with a retiring hero looking to start their own tavern, or a GM looking for the perfect setting for that great moment, you will find sections on everything from how to build to what to stock in the pantry. How much should you pay for a wooden chair, pewter plate, or barrel of ale? We have that covered. We’ll go in depth on the NPCs who work in these places as well as those who visit. For Game Masters there will be plenty of advice on ways to incorporate inns and taverns into your game with sections on plot hooks, and ways to use inns and taverns to help create the right feel for your campaign or setting.

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