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Low Life Miniatures Now On Kickstarter

If you dig Andy Hopp’s completely off the wall Low Life role playing setting then you’re sure to want to get behind the Low Life Miniatures project currently running on Kickstarter. With more than three weeks to go, funding has been reached but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get your hands on what looks to be some really unique and, truth be told, odd minis to add to your collection or bring to your gaming table.

About the project:

GAZILLIONS of years in the future…

Every possible calamity, cataclysm, apocalypse, and cosmic hangnail has befallen our beloved Mutha Oith during a bygone era known as The Time of The Flush. Now, After the Wipe, the ancient Hoomanrace is extinct and the wobbly orb is wrecked. Oith’s current denizens evolved from the lowliest of the low: the resilient roach, the indomitable worm, the everlasting snack cake – the dregs that survived.

It is a time of grand adventure, bold exploration, mighty hocus-pokings, and the occasional hint of whimsical madness; a time of immense struggle, monstrous monstrosities, and remarkable happenstance where even the lowliest worm can become a Keistermeister by his own mop.

Now, by popular demand and the screaming insistence of literally gazillions of clamoring fans, Mutha Oith Creations is proud to announce, in partnership with the formidable Eastern Front Studios, an entire line of (wait for it)…


The initial set will include these NINE figures, all done in heroic 28mm scale and ridiculously perfect for all your Low Life adventures or anywhere else dark whimsy is appreciated. The minis will be cast either in high-quality resin or white pewter, depending on the level of funding received.

Once funding is reached for the initial set of nine, a number of awesome stretch goals will take effect. You can also earn extra minis by “liking” our official Facebook page. We’ll talk about those a bit later on. For now, let’s meet the peeps:


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