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‘March of the Ants: Empires of the Earth’ Expansion Hits Stores in November

March of the Ants: Empires of the Earth (Weird City Games)Weird City Games has an expansion to their strategy Euro-style game March of the Ants on the horizon. In Empires of the Earth, new game play elements are added to the proceedings including mutations and nest chambers as well as more unique evolutions, events, and colony goals. The expansion is for one to five players, ages 13+, plays in 60-90 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $20.00 when it arrives in November.

From Weird City:

Return to the meadow to build your colony in Empires of the Earth, the newest expansion for March of the Ants. Craft your nest’s strategy from the first turn with starting Mutations. Fill your Chambers with Eggs to unlock powerful recurring abilites. Follow the Queen’s Decrees to earn glory for your colony! With 90 new cards, this expansion opens up new gameplay possibilities and brings the Meadow to a new level.

Darwinian Edge
In Empires of the Earth, players draft Mutations to jumpstart their colonies with asymmetric abilities. These Mutations let players craft their strategies from the start of the game and kick the game into high gear from the very first turn.

Build Your Nest
Expand your underground empire with Nest Chambers, a brand new card type that will let you use your nest inhabitants to unlock powerful recurring abilities.

More of Everything!
Empires of the Earth, includes 18 new Evolutions, Events and Colony Goals that will let you diversify your strategy and grow your colony in exciting new ways. Maintain a delicate peace with the Peacekeeper head, or spread spores with Cult of the Gray Queen.

A Rich and Diverse Colony
To celebrate the world of March of the Ants, they have reached out to their favorite artists from around the globe. This new mini-expansion to March of the Ants includes 40 cards featuring art from Vincent Dutrait, Mr. Cuddington, the Mico, and more.

March of the Ants: Empires of the Earth Cards (Weird City Games)

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